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Help merchants get the most value from your product

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As developers, we know the key things that merchants should be doing in our app to maximize the impact on their business.

We also know that it's hard to get the merchants to do those tasks consistently, so marketing opportunities are being lost.

Kit can help. Your app queues a conversation with Kit when there is an action you want the merchant to take.

Kit contacts the merchant via SMS and gets a ‘yes' or ‘no' answer so your app can execute. Everybody wins.

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Building into Kit's API

A new communication channel with your merchants

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Increase engagement with your app

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Give your app a deeper level of personal communication with merchant

Dev perk 3

Join the messaging and bot revolution!

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Established presence on Shopify

Dev perk 5

SMS infrastructure to support 20 countries. Messaging costs absorbed by Kit

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Access via Telegram for worldwide reach

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Simplicity yields results

Your app makes recommendations based on your expertise and capabilities.

The merchant only has to answer 'Yes' - no barriers, no time spent configuring, no excuses.

If specific products are part of the conversation, Kit will also propose creating a relevant ad or social post.

Kit + your app work together for added value to the merchant.

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